Pilates professionals improve mobility and quality of life.  When the world understands how valuable you are, your studio will be booked to full capacity.  Pilates Metrics is here to help you prove your value to new demographics, new clients, return clients, health professionals, and the world at large.


Demonstrate Your Knowledge.

Show Your Value.

Prove Pilates.



Whoa! You found the hidden text! You’re a clever one, aren’t you. Well, since you’re here, let’s talk Pilates. Joseph Pilates said, “The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.” At Pilates Metrics, we agree. And we want a happier world, don’t you!? So we’ve got a plan to make it happen. 

The bridge to greater adoption of Pilates is data. That’s it. We need to collect enough data about the positive mental and physical outcomes to prove the value of the Pilates Method. We blushed when Madeline Black said it’s every Pilates Instructors civic duty to adopt our software. But we get it – together we can prove Joseph Pilates’ Method. He can finally get the worldwide respect he deserves. Let’s get to it!