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Dear Valued Pilates Metrics Customer,

Our team has recently discovered an email forwarding error that has affected our receipt of email from customers. We rely on Zendesk for our customer service delivery – an industry leader in support software – and our Zendesk email connection experienced an outage that we were unaware of. This caused many emails to go unreceived and unanswered. We are deeply sorry if you were one of the people affected by this outage. We have now recovered all correspondence and will be working backwards to answer each email.

Please accept a personal apology from me for this error in our email system. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and are mortified by this oversight and gap in our service. In business, as in life, mistakes happen. It is how you respond to those mistakes that defines the character of your business. We will redouble our efforts to maintain exceptional customer service in response to this error. Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to answering each of your emails.

Looking forward,
Duke Courtnell
Pilates Metrics

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