Dedicated to strengthening the Pilates industry

Our Mission:

We believe, as Joseph Pilates did, that the preventative health benefits and healing powers of Pilates can change the world. Our mission is to prove these benefits through aggregated data. Our intuitive software improves the studio experience for instructors and clients while compiling evidence-based proof of Pilates’ health benefits. We aim to fulfill Joe’s mission to normalize Pilates within the traditional health community.


Pilates Metrics was founded by Joseph and Karinne Quinn, owners of Real People Pilates in Berkeley, California. The husband-and-wife team are Pilates instructors who visualized the immense benefits that a data-driven approach to Pilates could provide. Drawing on the San Francisco Bay Area’s instinct to rewrite convention, the Quinns developed a proprietary algorithm that reduces Pilates exercise into biomechanics and anatomy to capture mobility data from the global Pilates community. The algorithm excited a core group of investors and prompted them to fully fund the commission of ArcTouch, a premium app-development firm in San Francisco. The proprietary algorithm is now the core of a swanky instructor app which was released in 2016.