Plans Designed for Every Pilates Professional

Independent Instructor

Solo Subscription (In-App Purchase)
  • Unlimited data, unlimited Clients
  • Client intake form
  • Your choice of exercise library curated by an industry leader
  • Drag-and-drop session-builder
  • Pilates Metrics’ proprietary Client ‘Stats’
  • 360º Client view with Client repertoire, past sessions, profile, and notes
  • Sharable PDF reports of Client success to send to Clients directly from your iPad

Integrated Studio Plan

For Studios with Multiple Instructors
$20/Full-time instructor per month
  • All the above features plus:
  • Shared Client list
  • Client privacy option
  • Studio admin review of all completed sessions
  • Bulk discounts on subscription pricing

Want More Information?

We designed the Pilates Metrics iPad App to solve problems we encountered in our own practice in Berkeley, California:

  • Unable to electronically record client health and session history efficiently
  • Want mobility, but can’t connect to back office systems or access critical data
  • Unable to remember all client history
  • Can’t remember and utilize the full complement of Pilates exercises
  • Difficult to measure and report success to Clients
  • Client retention suffers when Clients don’t see results
  • Clients have no record of the exercises they perform
  • It’s difficult to immediately demonstrate teacher experience to potential clients
  • Number of years of teaching experience is not a true measure of skill
  • Tough to differentiate my studio from competition

We’ve created a solution to these problems! Our iPad App for Instructors has these features:

  • Fingertip recording of client intake health and contact information, “work in progress”,  session exercises, notes
  • Mobile access to all information.
  • Build sessions quickly and easily on-the-go through the App’s session-builder, which includes 600+ exercises sorted by level and apparatus. Mobile access to client history allows session-building to be smarter and more targeted to each client.
  • Instantly convert session plans into biomechanical and anatomical movement data. Deliver robust visual data reports to Clients. Demonstrate Client repertoire growth over time.
  • Build a digital portfolio of your teaching experience and repertoire. Share that data with potential Clients to demonstrate competency