The Pilates Metrics Instructor App


The Pilates Metrics iPad App improves the Pilates experience for Instructors and Clients. Instructors have Client history and their preferred Exercise Library at their fingertips, allowing them to build targeted sessions for each Client right on their iPad. The App uses a proprietary algorithm to instantly convert those sessions into Anatomy and Movement Metrics, which can be shared with Clients through visual data reports. Clients feel instant satisfaction about the session and see real progress as they build their repertoire.


The Pilates Metrics App will network every Pilates Studio in the world. As global usage of the App increases, de-identified data, with all personally identifying information removed, will be compiled and analyzed to optimize approaches to common ailments such as injuries, as well as musculoskeletal and neuromuscular issues. Instructors will soon be able to leverage the combined power of tech innovation and global Pilates intelligence to provide world class service to Clients. Through the use of Pilates Metrics, the Pilates industry will create advanced data to prove the preventative health benefits of Pilates and “normalize” Pilates within the traditional health community.

Pilates Metrics iPad App Screenshot
Supported Hardware:

iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 12.9″, iPad Pro 9.7″, iPad 5th Gen, iPad Pro 10.5″, iPad Pro 2 12.9″, iPad 6th Gen


Supported OS:

iOS 10.x, 11.x, 12.x

Features & Benefits:

  • Client Intake Form: Hand your iPad to a new Client to collect background information through a form consistent with Pilates Method Alliance intake standards. You can access the Client Profile at any time to remind yourself of Client Goals and Health History.
  • Session-Builder: Sort exercises by difficulty and apparatus or search for exercises by name. Drag-and-Drop exercises into a session with a single touch.
  • Choose From Multiple Exercise Libraries: Pilates Metrics forms partnerships with Pilates Teacher Training Schools so we can offer Exercise Libraries that match each Instructor’s experience and preferences.  Your Exercise Library is curated by industry experts.
  • Session Calendar: Plan sessions in advance, mark sessions complete, and manage your day-to-day schedule.
  • Client List: Pilates Metrics offers either an individual Client List for independent Instructors or a Client Pool for Studios that take a team approach.
  • Client Stats: At the heart of Pilates Metrics is an algorithm that converts exercises into Anatomy and Movement Metrics. The App allows Instructors to create visual data reports to explain the methodology behind each Pilates session. You can share a PDF report of session statistics with a Client via text message, email, or airdrop.
  • Client Session History: Look back at previous Client sessions. What did we do last week? Last month? Last year?
  • Client Repertoire: Clients build their digital repertoire as they learn new exercises. Send them a PDF of their repertoire progress. As Clients get excited about learning the entire Exercise Library you’ll see heightened Client retention and attendance frequency.
  • Instructor Digital CV: Client Conversion Rates rise when prospective Clients see the professional tools you use to create targeted sessions. Show new Clients your Instructor Stats Page which demonstrates your expertise. Then airdrop your contact card straight from your iPad to the new Client.